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ASTONIFY -The Ghosts of Christmas Past is a Dickens of a Magic Show! Did you know Charles Dickens, author of: A Tale of Two Cities, Oliver Twist, &  A Christmas Carol, was also an amateur conjurer? That’s right, besides being one of the most beloved authors of all time, he also dabbled in the magical arts.

This holiday version of ASTONIFY is a magic show similar to what Mr. Dickens himself would have presented to friends and family. And of course, we are going to include a ghost or two. Will it be the Ghost of  Jacob Marley? Scrooge himself? Or maybe the Ghost of Christmas Past? We can’t say, but keep watching for more details!

Like the other Astonify show, this will be presented in the style of a 19th Century magic show. We are working on a number of different options for how the ‘ghosts’ will make themselves known. Keep in mind, this is a theatrical production, no real ghosts will be used or harmed in the making of this program. 🙂

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